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Current members
Antonio LIOY, Ph.D. Full Professor lioy at polito dot it
Marco MEZZALAMA Full Professor marco dot mezzalama at polito dot it
Andrea ATZENI Ph.D. Research Assistant shocked at polito dot it
Diana BERBECARU, Ph.D. Research Assistant diana dot berbecaru at polito dot it
Cesare CAMERONI (2011-...) Research Assistant cesare dot cameroni at polito dot it
Giovanni CABIDDU (2009-...) Ph.D. candidate giovanni dot cabiddu at polito dot it
Daniele CANAVESE Research Assistant daniele dot canavese at polito dot it
Emanuele CESENA, Ph.D. (2006-...) Research Assistant emanuele dot cesena at gmail dot com
Claudio FORNARO, Ph.D. Teaching assistant claudio dot fornaro at polito dot it
Daniele MAZZOCCHI, Ph.D. Senior Researcher (at ISMB) daniele dot mazzocchi at ismb dot it
Gianluca RAMUNNO, Ph.D. Research Assistant ramunno at polito dot it
Roberto SASSU Research Assistant roberto dot sassu at polito dot it
Paolo SMIRAGLIA Research Assistant paolo dot smiraglia at polito dot it
Marco VALLINI (2007-...) Ph.D. candidate marco dot vallini at polito dot it
Fulvio VALENZA (2014-...) Ph.D. student fulvio dot valenza at polito dot it
Davide VERNIZZI, Ph.D. (2006-...) Research Assistant davide dot vernizzi at polito dot it
Shilong ZHAO (2014-...) Ph.D. student shilong dot zhao at polito dot it
Marco Domenico Aime, Ph.D. (...-March 2011) (former Research Assistant) m dot aime at polito dot it
Paolo C.Pomi , Ph.D.(2007-2009) LITROSOFT paolo at litrosoft dot com
Madalina Baltatu, Ph.D. Telecom Italia lab madalina dot baltatu at tilab dot com
Riccardo D'Altoè Achab riccardo dot daltoe at achab dot it
Corrado Derenale Ph.D. (2001-2005) Motorola corrado dot derenale at motorola dot com
Amarkumar Desai(2003-2005) (former Research Assistant) ---
Aldo Basile, Ph.D. ISMB basile at ismb dot it
Marco Gavelli ISMB marco dot gavelli at ismb dot it
Fabio Maino, Ph.D. (1995-2000) Cisco fmaino at cisco dot com
Marius Marian, Ph.D. (former Research Assistant) ---
Elena Mastro Della Siepe (2007-2008) (former Research Assistant) ---
Boris Moltchanov Telecom Italia lab boris dot moltchanov at telecomitalia dot it
Natalia Moltchanova (former Research Assistant) ---
Massimiliano Pala, Ph.D. (2005-2007) Dartmouth College massimiliano dot pala at dartmouth dot edu
Luigi AVELLA (2000-2002) --- ---
Alberto ALBESIANO (2010-2011) (former Research Assistant) ---
Giorgio CALANDRIELLO, Ph.D. (2006-2009) (former Research Assistant) ---
Alberto CAPPADONIA, Ph.D. (2007-June 2011) (former Research Assistant) ---
Gianni DE ROSA (2000-2002) --- ---
Andrea NAGAR (2003) --- nagar at nagarsoft dot com
Jacopo SILVESTRO (2010-2011) (former Research Assistant) ---
Lucia Tamburino (2001-2004) (former Research Assistant) lucia dot tamburino at unito dot it
Alessio Bernardi (2004-2005) --- alessio dot bernardi at poste dot it
Daniele Poma (2004-2005) --- daniele dot poma at poste dot it

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