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Through the years, TORSEC took and is taking part to several funded research projects, listed here. For more information, click on the name of a specific project.

Current projects

A European research project to develop techniques for building security configurations derived automatically from high-level policies, and at the same time enabling traceback from actual configurations to the original requirements to prove compliance with them.
A European project to extend the techniques and infrastructure designed in STORK to include e-ID for companies, legal persons and to represent delegation rights and
A European research project to design and pilot an Internet-scale trustworthy cloud computing infrastructure.
A European research project to define an open-source secure platform for the Future Internet over a broad set of devices (such as mobile phones, PC, home media, and in-car units).

Completed projects

STORK (2008-2011, EC, ICT-PSP)
A European project to design and prototype a common e-ID infrastructure to permit interoperability of national electronic identities.
Deserec (2006-2008, EC/DG-INFOSOC, IST FP6)
to develop methodologies and tools to increase the dependability of a complex networked information system, as part of a Criticali Infrastructure Protection plan; Prof. Lioy was the Scientific Manager of this project
Open_TC (2005-2009, EC/DG-INFOSOC, IST FP6)
to develop an open Trusted Computing system based on Linux
to develop a security architecture based on formal policies, with the related tools for automatic system configuration and management; Prof. Lioy was the main proposer of this project and its Coordinator (11 partners, 2.5 M Euro total funding)
for the deployment of a security infrastructure into the EC’s Newly Associated Countries in Eastern Europe
TESI (2000-2003, EC/Eureka-ITEA)
for the development of an European-controlled computer and network security framework
AIDA (2000-2001, EC/DG-XIII)
for the development of a secure e-government infrastructure and a portable digital signature device WYSIWYS (What You See Is What You Sign)
ICE-CAR (1999-2000)
funded by EC/DG-XIII, to strengthen the experimental European PKI created in ICE-TEL and to develop related security applications (such as digital signature, secure web and secure e-mail)
GUIDES (1999)
funded by the EC/DG-XIII for the development of guidelines towards setting up a certification authority for a public administration
ICE-TEL (1996-98)
funded by the EC/DG-XIII to setup an experimental European public-key security infrastructure (PKI) based on X.509 certificates

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