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The Trusted Platform Agent (TPA)

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The Trusted Platform Agent (TPA)

Welcome to the open-source library for Trusted Computing applications!

The Trusted Platform Agent (in short, TPA) is a library designed to minimize the effort of writing applications that use the Trusted Computing technology and employ the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Writing applications for Trusted Computing requires using a TCG Software Stack (TSS), for instance TrouSerS, but still there are a number of tedious and repetitive operations. Linking an application with the TPA library avoids the complexity of the TSS interface and makes easier the programmer's life. And all is open-source!

A command-line application tpa is included together with the TPA library. It provides full access to the library functionalities and it is complementary to the tpm-tools (yet fully compatible!). The command-line application is the best source of examples on how to write applications with the TPA library ;-).

We have also published in IEEE Software a paper describing this work.


The TPA library is open-source and free software, released under GNU GPL and GNU LGPL licenses.

The current version is 0.2: download it in tarball format.


The TPA is built with GNU autotools, so just:

$ tar -xvzf tpa-VER.tar.gz
$ cd tpa-VER
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Have fun writing applications for your TPM!


The current version offers the following features:


The following enhancements are planned for the future:

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